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La Selva Lodge



Located just outside the Yasuní National Park and within the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve, La Selva Lodge is perfect for all sorts of adventurous travelers. A luxury resort in the heart of the rainforest, everyone will find something to love!







River trip to the cottage in a motorized canoe with box lunch. A short walk through the jungle 15 minutes will take you to a stream where you will take a small canoe to enjoy a canoe ride to unforgettable paddle 20 minutes through “Garzacocha” (lagoon of the heron) in order to reach the area accommodation. Approximately 15 minutes later, the resident manager will greet you with a delicious welcome cocktail.

In the afternoon we will visit the Matapalo Trail, named after the Spanish name of the famous strangler (Ficus sp), one of the many trees of great beauty that is found during this introductory walk, where native guides and naturalists will begin to share With which part of his knowledge about the flora and fauna of the tropical forest. After the night walk, a flashlight and a camera will be the most important tools needed to enjoy all the insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals that can be seen for an hour on foot in the dark of the forest.

Day 2

In the morning we will visit the Chaguamango trail that begins behind the cottage and ends at the edge of the lake. During the tour the guides talk about the neo-tropical pharmacy that is located in the rainforest. Many plants have been used by indigenous groups in the Amazon to cure different diseases, some of them will be detected on the way, we head back to the canoe cottage. If you’re lucky, you may see large herds of squirrel monkeys approaching the water.

In the afternoon we visit the track charapa, which lasts an hour and a half; It starts at the butterfly farm and ends at the edge of the lake, returning to the cottage by canoe. On the way we will try to see different groups of mammals, monkeys and birds that in the afternoon hours are approaching the lake shore in search of food. NIGHT Canoe Ride: With the help of a center of attention, your guides will take you in a canoe rowing around the lagoon in search of caimans, boas, bats, owls, nocturnal mammals and more nocturnal wildlife. If the sky is clear, we might have the opportunity to do a bit of stargazing.

Day 3

In the morning, it is time to visit the most biologically diverse place on earth, Yasuní National Park. To enjoy one of the most amazing screens of the wild world. Hundreds of parrots and parakeets will approach the treetops and then reduce to a clay bank to eat this mineral rich soil. It is essential to have binoculars to enjoy it. Once you identify the different species of parrots and parakeets. The motorized canoe trip will continue for about 30 more minutes of birdwatching along the river banks. Subsequently an Amazonian Kichwa family who will receive at home. A visit to the “chacra” garden, followed by a visit to the house will show that part of the Amazon that is not found on the maps: the people of the Amazon.

After lunch at the farmhouse that visits the butterfly farm, it is time to learn about the biology of this amazing insect. Our farm will show you the different stages of the butterfly, the adventure continues with piranha fishing on Lake Garzacocha. Fishing lines will be provided by your native guide, so you can catch your own piranha. Depending on the size of the fish, we put it back into the water or if it is large enough you can give it to our gourmet chef and enjoy a tasty fish dinner.

Day 4

Return to Quito After a delicious breakfast we will return to the city of Coca to take your flight back to the city of Quito. All our logistics are carefully planned so you can enjoy your last day with us before taking your flight to the city of Quito ending your adventure at La Selva Eco-Lodge. This itinerary example is subject to change according to your interests and climate conditions.





Day 1:

Arrival to the lodge. A representative from La Selva will assist you at the Quito Airport with the check of your bags and your tickets. He will give you the shipping instructions. After a short 35 minute flight to Coca, you will be attended by a representative of La Selva Ecolodge, he will welcome you to Coca, assist you with your bags and transfer you along with the other guests to the pier, there you will be Waiting for our motorized canoe. La Selva Lodge is located two hours from Coca in a motorized canoe. The canoe is covered, in case of bad weather, like rain or strong sun. The trip itself is fun and interesting. Passengers will receive a box lunch during the trip. The motorized canoe will take you to the lodge dock where you will disembark and take a short hike to take another small canoe with your hand luggage. We will take care of your luggage. Once you arrive at the lodge, you will be welcomed with a cocktail and our lodge manager will give you a short talk about the lodge and its facilities. Then you will be shown your room and you will have the opportunity to explore a little before dinner. During dinner, your group and the guide will arrange activities for the next day. After dinner, depending on the weather and the group’s desire, there could be short activities such as a night walk or a canoe tour around the lodge to admire the wildlife. Many guests prefer to rest in the lounge accompanied by a cold drink or instead take a relaxing massage in the spa.

Day 2-3-4:

Exploring the Amazon Rainforest. Breakfast is served very early as there is so much to see and do! There are several activities you could do, including a visit to the parrot’s lick, a visit to a native community, or a tour of the observation tower to watch the birds and monkeys, just to mention some of the activities you can do In La Selva Lodge. The activities to be undertaken will depend on various factors such as the climate and interests of the group. If you do not want to participate in any of the activities that the group will perform you can enjoy our comfortable lounge, bar or spa. Around half a day our chefs will delight you with the best gastronomy of the area with delicious national and international dishes. After lunch, you can read a book or enjoy a refreshing siesta. In the afternoon you can enjoy more discreet activities such as a pleasant canoe trip discovering the life that is hidden in the trees that surround the beautiful lagoon of Garzacocha, walks in the lodge or other activities that will be agreed with your guide. In the evening after a delicious dinner and if conditions permit you can enjoy exciting new night time activities. On the last night of your stay you can check your bar account, which can be canceled in cash or by credit card. If you wish you can leave your tips for the staff and guide tonight. Finally we will ask you to help us by filling out a short sheet of comments in which you can tell us about your experience at La Selva Eco-Lodge and how we could improve our services.

Day 5

Return to Quito After a delicious breakfast we will return to the city of Coca to take your flight back to the city of Quito. All our logistics are carefully planned so you can enjoy your last day with us before taking your flight to the city of Quito ending your adventure at La Selva Eco-Lodge. This itinerary example is subject to change according to your interests and climate conditions.

  • Lodge accommodation
  • 3 meals per day (from lunch on day 1 to breakfast on final day)
  • All excursions as listed in itinerary
  • Bilingual naturalist guide + Native assistant
  • Assistance at the airport: Quito and Coca
  • Transport to/from Coca and the lodge
  • Transport between Quito and Coca
  • National Park fee
  • Tips / drinks from bar / other personal expenses
  • Single supplement (30%)