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Peru Trujillo


Duration: 2 DAYS / 1 NIGHTS

Paquete Turístico a Perú- Trujillo


Places to visit:

-        Huaca of the sun and the moon

-        Rainbow Huaca

-        9 Palaces of Chan Chan

-        The Nik Palace

-        Spa and pier Huanchaco



-        Customers must inform the means of transportation in which they will arrive in Trujillo, in detail, to coordinate their pick up.

-        The departure schedule of the tours is in exact time, there is no tolerance time.

-        During the tour the passengers must be subject to the schedule established by the guide to visit each place, otherwise we will not be responsible if the group decides not to wait for the delay of others.

-        In case of climate changes, the agency can take a contingency plan (alternate place to visit) or modify the order of the excursions for a better development of the service.

-        Tour does not apply for holidays or holidays.

-        Children from 1 to 3 years do not pay.


Not Included:

-        Air or ground tickets.

-        Lunches and Dinners.

-        Other unspecified expenses.




Day 1

We pick them up at the airport and then take them to the hotel, settle in and rest.

You will have the day off to stroll around the square.


Day 2


After breakfast, we will pick you up at the hotel to start our excursion.

We will start with the visit to Huaca del Sol, an imposing construction made with millions of adobes.

We will continue our tour with the Huaca Arco Iris, also called Huaca Dragón, located in the district of Hope, is a religious temple, ceremonial and administrative Chimú. This temple is dedicated to fertility and rain. It is decorated with figures shaped like Rainbow and anthropomorphic figures in the form of Dragon.

We will have free time to have lunch and rest for a moment.

Then we will visit one of the 9 Palaces of Chan Chan Citadel, Nik An Palace (former Tschudi Palace), which has environments decorated with friezes of various marine motifs, among them: Ceremonial Plaza, Fish and Bird Corridor, Altar, templetes or audiencias, Huachaque or ceremonial well, the room of the 24 niches, second place and funeral platform. We go to the Spa of Huanchaco, says the legend that Takaynamo, the first king of the chimus, landed next to his court. Here we can see the horses of totora and stroll along the pier in Huanchaco.

At the end of the tour, we will take you to the hotel to pick up your belongings and then transfer them to the airport for you to return to Lima.