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Hotels in Cuenca

Hotel Oro Verde (5 ★)

It is located in Ordoñez Laso Avenue and 3 de Noviembre extensions; also it is to 30 minutes of the downtown of the city and 8 Km of Lamar´s airport.

The hotel provide of pool, fitness center, a great yard, restaurant, gym and business room.


Hotel Boutique Santa Lucia (5 ★)

It is located in President Borrero y Mariscal Sucre Street, near to downtown.

The hotel gives you services of restaurant, parking and comfortable bedrooms.


Mansion Alcazar Boutique Hotel (5★)

This hotel is located in Bolivar y Tarqui, in the Historic Center of the city.

This House has a wonderful view, has a colonial yard, restaurant and parking.


Hotel Victoria (4 ★)

The Victoria Hotel I located in Calle Larga y Presidente Borrero. It is a beautiful place, where you can see comfortable bedrooms and installations like as a restaurant and parking.


Carvallo Hotel (4 ★)

The Carvallo hotel is located in Gran Colombia and Padre Aguirre, to 7 Km of Mariscal Lamar Airport.

The services that it gives you are: room services (breakfast), bar, business center and parking.


Hotel Vieja Mansión. (4 ★)

This hotelmis located in Luis Cordero Street and it is Mariscal to 4 km of Lamar Airport.

The services that it gives are: washing room, restaurant, and bar.


Hostel Casa del Barranco. (4 ★)

The hostel is located in Calle Larga and Luis Cordero, just a 4-minute walk from Cuenca Historic Centre.

This property is 200 m from Tomebamba River and 1 km from Pumapungo Ruins and Museum.

The services are: solarium, yard, and cafeteria.


Hotel Yanuncay (4 ★)

The Yanuncay Hotel is located in Vargas Machuca and Mariscal Lamar Street, to 800 m. of Tomebamba River. It is only seven minutes to Lamar Airport. This hotel has a restaurant, gym, comfortable bedrooms, fitness room and receptions room. The especial service is that it allows pets.


El Dorado Hotel (4★)

This hotel is located in Gran Colombia and Luis Cordero.

At El Dorado Hotel you will find a sauna, restaurant, spa, free airport shuttle service and a 24-hour front desk, and the property also boasts meeting facilities, a tour desk and luggage storage.


Hotel Presidente (4 ★)

It is located in Hermano Miguel, between Bolivar and Gran Colombia, to 3 Km of Mariscal Lamar airport.

Its facilities are: pets, buffet in the breakfasts, and parking.


Hotel Santa Mónica. (4 ★)

The Santa Monica Hotel is Located in Sucre and Borrero streets, to 2 km from Mariscal Lamar Airport.

Its services are: breakfast buffet, and parking.


Siena Hotel (4 ★)

This hotel is located in Hermano Miguel and Juan Jaramillo Street, to 2 Km of Mariscal Lamar Airport and 300 m from Tomebamba River.

This offers rest areas, cafeteria and services of wash and touristic information.


Hotel Cuenca (3 ★)

The hotel is located Borrero y Gran Colombia Street, to 4 km of Lamra Airport. This services that it gives you are, restaurant, bar, a game room, business room.


Crespo Hotel (3★)

This hotel is located in Calle Larga, between Luis Cordero and Borrero and in front of a beautiful Tomebamba river.

Its services are: restaurant, bar, internet and parking.


Del Parque Hotel y Suites. (3 ★)

This hotel is located in Benigno Malo and Bolivar Street.

The Abdon Calderon Park is right across Del Parque Hotel & Suites, and guests will be able to explore the restaurant and dining options available within a short 10-minute walk through the vicinity. The facilities that it has are room service (breakfast), solarium, balcny and terrace.


Morenica del Rosario (3 ★)

The hotel is located in Gran Colombia Street.

The 24-hour front desk can make arrangements for shuttles to Mariscal Lamar airport, which is a 10-minute drive away. Morenica del Rosario is 200 m from the New Cathedral and 1 km from the Central Bank Museum. The services that it gives are: traditional cafeteria, a coffee bar, living room, art gallery and parking.


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