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General Packing List

Passport, traveler’s checks, medical prescriptions if needed, your usual health and toiletry supplies, sun hat with brim, sunglasses, plenty of high-factor waterproof sunscreen and/or block, insect repellent, moist towelettes, anti-bacterial gel for hands, clothing for warm and cool weather if traveling between regions, sandals or Teva-like sandals, raincoat, small backpack, money belt, watch with alarm, flashlight, plastic bags for dirty clothes and shoes, cameras, cassettes if DVD filming, extra batteries, and light comfortable, easy-to-wash clothing.

Andes: In many parts of the Andes, you can experience all four seasons in one day. Be prepared for chilly nights and cold rain. Warm, fast-drying clothes are recommended (avoid cotton especially directly against the skin). Good hiking, water-resistant boots are highly recommended with warm socks and warm water-resistant jacket and overpants.

Galapagos: Sun hat with brim, sun glasses, good walking shoes, Teva-style sandals (for wet landings), swimsuits, plenty of high-factor waterproof sunscreen or block, snorkel and mask, windbreaker, light sweater or sweatshirt (especially from June to December), shorts and T-shirts, extra film, memory cards, DVD cassettes, batteries for cameras, underwater camera, binoculars, motion-sickness pills or bands, anti-histamine tablets or cream, EpiPen autoinjector for people with serious reactions to stings.

Coast: The same as for Galapagos, malaria-prevention drugs may also be necessary.

Oriente (Amazon rainforest): Insect repellent, malaria pills, anti-histamine tablets, EpiPen autoinjector for people with serious reactions to stings/bites, oral hydration packets, binoculars, plastic bags to keep clothes dry, swimsuit, lightweight quick-drying clothes, one long-sleeved shirt, loose-fitting pants, light windbreaker or sweatshirt (especially on boat trips), rainproof poncho that fits over you and your pack, plenty of clean socks, Teva-like sandals (find out if your hotel provides rubber boots), Ziplock bags or sport drybags for things you want to keep dry.
All clothing should be loose fitting to help keep you cool and to reduce chances of being bitten or stung by insects.



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