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Hotels in Haciendas

Hacienda Hosteria Chorlavi (5 ★)

This state is located in Carchi province exactly in San Antonio de Ibarra.

Is a tradition in the north of the country, for the beauty of the place, for the nostalgic attraction of its old house-hacienda of large halls, rooms and central services, huge granaries made auditoriums and conference rooms, houses for laborers converted into Rooms for guests, gardens and orchards sheltered by ancient trees that offer the visitor the magical aroma of the past. The services that offer this place are restaurant, swimming pool, spa, gym, event hall and beautiful view of the nature, all that since USD 120.


Hacienda Cusin (5★)

This estate is located in Imbabura to Northern Andes, with view to Cotacachi volcano, exactly to 20 minutes to Otavalo.

Its facilities are restaurant, recreation areas, library, games room, and an extensive area for walk, ride and other activities, since USD 63, 00.


Hacienda Abraspungo (5 ★)

This state is located in Chimborazo in the Andes` Centre, to 3 Km of Guano city.

It offers individuals, doubles, triples rooms, and suites.

These facilities are restaurant, laundry services, game room, and business center, also you can enjoy of the different activities that you will do in the nature. Its rooms are since USD 62, 00.


Hacienda la Andaluza ( 5 ★)

This state is located in Riobamba Is located 16 kilometers outside of Riobamba in the indigenous area known as Chuquipoggio or watersheds, the Indian words Chuqui (water) and Poggio (shed).

The facilities that it gives you are restaurant, game room, reading room, events hall, business room, sauna, gym, and parking.

Its rooms are doubles, triples suites, for a price since USD 71.


Hacienda la Cienega (5 ★)

The state is located in Cotopaxi province near the Cotopaxi volcano and its National Park, just an hour and a half from Quito.

The services that it gives you are a restaurant, bar, events hall and parking, also the rooms that it contains are simples, doubles, triples  and suites; since a cost of USD 56.


La Mirage (5 ★)

The Mirage is a Hotel located over a estate of 200 years ago, in the Cotacachi city in the Imbabura province.

These services are restaurant, spa, recreation area, and parking.

The cost is since USD 149.


Hacienda de San Agustín (5 ★).

The state is located in Cotopaxi province exactly in Lasso City; it was building in the Inca Palace, to 2o Km to Cotopaxi National Park and to 2 hours to Mariscal Sucre Airport.

The facilities that it give you are service of restaurant, Inca chapel and parking.

You can see many species of flora y fauna of the Andes region.


Hacienda el Porvenir. (4 ★)

The state El Porvenir is located in Cotopaxi Province in Rumiñahui volcano, to 4 Km of Cotopaxi National Park.

Its rooms are traditional, double, and quadruple with has shared bathroom.

The facilities that it give you are service of restaurant, parking and the activities that you could do are walk, bird, watching and cycling.

The cost is around 85 USD.


Hacienda la Carriona (4 ★)

This state is located in Valle de los Chillos-Quito, to 35 minutes of the Mariscal Sucre Airport. The facilities that give you this place are services of restaurant, bar, swimming pool, a long yard sauna, and parking.

The rooms that you could choose are doubles, triples and individuals.


Hacienda Hato Verde. (4 ★)

This state is located in Cotopaxi, to 15 minutes of Quito and 13 Km of Latacunga city. A rustic set of elements that match our elegant colonial house.

It has many facilities as restaurant, smockstack, and parking.


San Agustin de Callo (4 ★)

The estate is located in Central Andes to one hour to Southern Quito. It is built on the site of an Inca palace, one of the two most important Inca archaeological sites in Ecuador, and the most northern point of Cuzco in imperial style construction.

The facilities that give you are service of restaurant, parking, and a nature tour. The cost is since USD 223.


Hacienda Uzhupud ( 4 ★)

The state is located in Azuay to 40 minutes of Cuenca city. This region has the delicious spring climate of the Andean subtropical zones. This provides the best environment for nature to manifest through vegetation.

The services are restaurant, swimming pool, sauna, recreational areas, discotheque and parking; also it contains simples, doubles, triples and families rooms.


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